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Loving Son Remains a Daily Presence in Mother’s Life

Contributed by EUNICE TROTTER
American Senior Communities

Every day Chauncey Anderson visits his 90-year-old mother Grace Gartin at Harrison Terrace, where she receives specialized care for Alzheimer’s disease.

On warm sunny days, they picnic and have her favorite foods. He brings a CD player so she can listen to her favorite songs while they share a meal outdoors.   He likes her to feel the sun and the wind blowing across her face. Then he puts her to bed and goes home to his wife and children.

He doesn’t do this because he has to do it.  He says he is pleased with the care provided by Harrison Terrace’s Auguste’s Cottage Memory Care Center, which is operated by American Senior Communities. He is there every day because he wants to be there, he said.

“She’s family.  That’s my mother.  She’s always been there for me and everybody else and I try to do what I can for her,” said Mr. Anderson who is 52. To make sure his mother was there during a very important day in his life, he married his wife at Harrison Terrace a few years ago.

Mr. Anderson is like many in the Sandwich Generation, dealing with his own children and grandchildren while providing care to an aging parent.  For him, every day is National Parent’s Day, which is celebrated the fourth Sunday in August (July 28).

His mother’s move to Harrison Terrace has allowed him the opportunity to be a son and less of a caregiver. The decision was not easy, but it was the right one, he said.

“She always tells me she loves me and I tell her, too. She told me she prays for me and I pray for her too every day. We didn’t have a lot, but we had love and she always showed it.”

Eunice Trotter is communications specialist for American Senior Communities.  For more information about Auguste’s Cottage Memory Care Centers located statewide, visit the website at The centers welcome tours.

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    What a wonderful article. Chauncey you are awesome. Much love your cousin Belinda

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